Project Locréa


Project Locréa is a musical alliance created by flutist Yana Nikol, that introduces audiences to the different musical traditions of the world seen through the lenses of artistic creativity. Combining traditional instruments (Chinese dulcimer, Azeri tar, Argentine bombo) with western classical (flute, guitar) and jazz (upright and electric bass) instruments, the project’s focus is on bringing a better understanding and a deeper connection between cultures. 

Since its birth the ensemble has gained the love and appreciation of audiences throughout the DC area and has contributed to the education of young musicians by sharing with them the values of creating music. 

The unique sonority of the compositions and arrangements brings together tradition and modern days’ sound. This comes as a result of the integration of the diverse musical and cultural backgrounds of the musicians.


Project Locréa - "43,000" (composed by Cristian Perez)

Project Locréa - "King Ding" (Chinese folk song)